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ISSUE #: 473 July 12, 2019
Fall in Love with Regional Architecture

As you shop for your new home, have you given any thought to the history of houses in the area? Opting for regional architecture is a great way to ensure your home fits right in. It's likely to age well, too. See what styles have been popular in the South, Southwest, Northeast, Midwest, and West over time!

For the Sunny Southwest

You can't go wrong with a breezy layout, traditional stucco, and clay tile roofing in hot, arid regions of the United States. We have awesome house plans in every size, featuring everything from adobe style construction to homes with Spanish villa vibes. These are some of our most unique designs—check out all the arches, circular elements, and sprawling floor plans that make the most of open terrain!
Perfect for Trendy Urban Locales

If you're building in a densely populated area, consider a bungalow! Long popular in city neighborhoods across the country, they're especially popular in the West, where land is at a premium and there are plenty of narrow lots. Bungalows address this challenge, and they deliver with appealing design inside and out! Whether you're looking for something small or luxurious, you can find it in a neat bungalow package.

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