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ISSUE #: 207 8-24-2020
Product Ideas | Entry Doors

Front doors majorly affect curb appeal—make sure the ones you choose for your builds wow clients and potential buyers! The Doors page of our Product Ideas section is a great place to learn about some of the latest product options and trends, so take a look and see what would be perfect to complete your projects.
Divided Lites with Tons of Design Options

The appeal of divided lites is universal, but of course they need to have the right vibe for each architectural style. Luckily, there are so many patterns to consider! They can also come in different forms—simulated divided lites, grilles between glass, and simulated divided lites with grilles between glass for the most authentic look. Many door styles are compatible with privacy glass, too, if that's a concern. In any case, buyers will love the natural light allowed into the foyer, and coming home to a welcoming glow at the end of the day.
Modern Farmhouse Collection

If there's one type of home people ask for most often these days, it's the modern farmhouse. This category attracts those who love a streamlined traditional look, and prefer a modern interior built around an open floor plan. The style has a few key aesthetic features to keep in mind, too—don't overlook the black grilles on the windows and doors. We have plenty of modern farmhouses to explore, so be sure to check them out if you'd like to add some very in-demand designs to your portfolio!

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