Your Home May Not Appeal To Others

Just because some things are included in floor plans in certain locations, do not think it is mandatory you follow the crowd. It is your house for which you are paying and you are free to design the floor plans any way you seem fit. 

However, you should realize that if the time comes to sell the house, not everyone may appreciate the non-traditional methods you used when building your home. It would take a like-minded person to show an interest in your house, as well as one to consider buying it. 

Many modern or contemporary floor plans exist that utilize lofted ceilings and extended exposed rafters that make an impact on the interior design of a home. Some visual aspects while attractive leave a lot to be desired in the area of functionality. High ceilings are also traditionally more expensive to heat so building a house with cathedral ceilings in a cold climate may make it difficult to sell if that time arrives. 

Floor plans are a matter of personal choice and there are several that closely resemble others due to the fact that a majority of people appreciate their simplicity or their function. Most often called traditional floor plans, they are in use in many areas of the country because they sufficiently serve the purpose. 

Others may look for floor plans that fit into a landscape instead of a pattern, and although they may be aesthetically pleasing, they may not provide for productive use of space. Closets that are not part of a bedroom may still be closets, but few people may want to get dressed in the hallway. 

Loft bedrooms are somewhat popular, but often due to roof lines do not allow for the installation of doors to hide a messy child’s room or to give them privacy when they grow older. While they may look appealing, they are not really functional as a bedroom.

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