Woman Finally Finds Dream Design

I’m always look forward to receiving my Dream Designs each week, because I have yet to find the best house design. I am of the mindset that with all the house plan companies online, there is no reason I should have to incur the added expense of hiring my own architect and worrying that the builder doesn’t run into lots of problems building this brand new, never-been-built house. I find it kind of funny that this week’s issue with a Halloween theme featured my dream home. The Siena was so unique looking that it immediately drew my attention. I knew I wanted a stone exterior with lots of different textures and earth tones, but this was such a treat with its cedar beams and accents, which give it a very warm, rustic appeal.

I love to cook and this kitchen design has everything I could ever ask for, including a gorgeous kitchen island and large walk-in pantry to store all by cooking supplies – and let me say I like to be very well stocked when it comes to food. The dining room was large enough for me to host holiday dinners. My current house doesn’t have a dining room so I actually have to rent a table for my kitchen area to fit the whole family.

It was so nice to actually be able to see photographs of the interior of this home. I couldn’t call my husband fast enough to tell him I was ordering this house plan.

The rustic feel of this cooks kitchen has great appeal.
The rustic feel of this cook's kitchen has great appeal.

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