What Color Choices Say About Homeowner

If you have ever driven by a house, looked at the color and thought someone must have lost a bet, then the color was wrong for that house. Choosing colors for the interior is just as important as the exterior and plays a huge role in attractiveness as well as resale value.

While the color purple may look right on the children’s dragon Barney, it will not look good in the house, regardless of how much the kids beg. There are simply some colors that should not be part of a person’s interior decorating scheme. Bright, bold and obnoxious colors should remain in the paint can and never see the light of day.

Many colors can focus attention into certain rooms and while it may be true that white goes with everything, no one wants to feel as though they live in a sterile environment. Many choose white to make matching furniture and appliances easier. White can also be a distraction for many rooms in the house.

A living room is better off with subdued colors to help promote relaxation, as that is what most seek in the living room, as well as the dining room, subtle shades help promote conversation and quiet time. White is good in the bathroom and kitchen, but subdued colors can also work better when combined with traditional appliance colors.

Bedroom colors offer different challenges as many want the walls to match the carpet, and a multi-color carpet can lead to a variety of possibilities. The bedroom however is designed to promote sleep and relaxation and bright colors should be left out. Remember, when it comes to most rooms in your house, black is not a color.

Do not confuse subdued for dull as there should be some indication of life in your color choices, but keeping it simple and realistic usually offers better use of the rooms in your home.

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