Top Home Furnishing Ideas & Products

If you are getting close to moving into your new home and you’re not sure exactly what furnishings you’ll REALLY need, then you’ll want check out the latest issue of Home Ideas. This issue features all the “must have” furniture products you will need to create a comfortable and practical living space. There are also two helpful articles about decorating on a budget and what NOT to do when decorating.

I must admit when I first bought my house plan from The House Designers two years ago I was hesitant about signing up for ANOTHER free e-newsletter, but now I look forward every week to reading it. They recently added six product picks to each newsletter, which include pictures, info and prices of some really interesting new home products. They have a big push on eco-friendly products, which I really like. I encourage anyone who owns a home to sign-up for this free e-newsletter to stay current with the latest in home building trends, ideas, tips and products.

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