Tiny House Plans

Building and designing an economical home is being made easier as designers and architects continue to create small house plans. Many are even taking small to a whole new level with a special collection of tiny house plans, which are generally less than 1,000 square feet. Building a small house, gives consumers back the freedom to have more money and time to enjoy their lives. Why? Because a smaller home costs less to build, own, clean, heat, cool and maintain. The less money you need to run your home, the less stress of earning more money and the more time you have to enjoy the things you like to do.

Enjoy browsing through our collection of small house plans and our latest issue of Dream Designs.

Tiny House Plans
Tiny House Plans

2 thoughts on “Tiny House Plans

  1. small house plans

    Small houses are much practical nowadays. No one needs a big one if you don’t have the guts to maintain it anyways.

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