Position House on Lot with Future in Mind

Making the decision to build a new home is a big one and several things will require careful consideration before the first shovel of dirt is turned.     Actually, the first things to consider are where you are going to build the home and the size of your lot. From there you can determine if the home plan you are thinking about will fit on the lot and what direction it will face.

If you already own the lot, you will be locked in to the size of the house you can place on it, but if the lot is large enough to hold the house of your dreams, there are considerations that can keep it from turning into a nightmare. The direction the house will face may be determined by the neighborhood or geographic considerations. For example, a steep hill at the back of the lot may prevent your garage from being situated there.

The direction in which your bedrooms will face is also important if there are concerns with streetlights or other structures. Most likely, you are not going to want your bedroom window looking into a neighboring house and your neighbor may not appreciate your loud workshop fronting their bedroom window. While many home plans are pre-designed, changes are possible for most plans or, better still, you can carefully select the plans that fit your lot and your neighborhood that will require the least changes.

If you are a fix-it type person and will be spending a lot of time in a workshop, you will want to plan the shop’s location away from the bedrooms. Even if located in the basement, having your shop on the opposite side of the house will make more sense to those trying to sleep while you are working. Work with the architect and with the utility plans to make sure to plan ahead for specific electric or plumbing needs.

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