Plenty Of Designs For Sloping Lot

If you live in an area where the terrain is often hilly an uneven, it can be challenging to find house plans suitable for your lot. Luckily, the architects and designers at THD have an extensive collection of house plans designed specifically for sloping lots. Their collection of sloping lot house plans feature creative solutions for tough home sites while maintaining floor plans that are logical, livable and available in a variety of architectural styles.

Most sloping lot house plans are paired with walkout basement designs to take full advantage of your available space, while providing access to the backyard via the basement. They are typically two or two-and-a-half story designs and should be chosen based on the how you want your home to sit on your sloped lot. If you want your home to bisect the slope from front to back then you’ll want to find a split-level house plan with the half-story to one side. If your home is placed in the middle of two slopes, you’ll need to find a house plan with a walkout or daylight basement. Our latest issue of Dream Designs features some of most popular sloping lot designs.

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