Plan your House to Grow with Children

Deciding on which home plan you want your house based on can be tough, especially of you are planning your first home and do not know how your family plan is going to end up. While you may be thinking of a small family, once the little one arrives, it is not unusual for couples to decide that one or two is not enough.

From the start, you will most likely want to keep the young one close to the parent’s room, so a second bedroom will likely be the smallest. If you are looking at a three bedroom home plan, the baby can be put into that one and, as it grows older and needs more space, it can be moved into larger quarters.

If a second child does not show up, the spare room can be turned into a guest room, an office, or a sewing room, but the space will not be wasted. If a second child does join the family, it can be settled into that room. Planning for the possibility of a larger family does not mean having the house plans designed with four or five bedrooms, but it can be designed allowing for that possibility.

Many times, smaller homes are locked out of adding additional rooms when needed and the choices are limited to selling the house and moving into a larger one. Especially if the need to add-on is hindered by the lack of additional load-bearing walls or basement support. These are all contingencies that can be allowed for when designing home plans with a professional architect.

Designed correctly, the home plans can include the possibility of additions as well as combining two or more rooms into a larger great room once the children are grown and gone. This will allow the extra space needed for their return at holidays and for parties.

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