Not Everything Clay is Considered Spanish

When people think of Spanish influence in house plans they often mistake adobe and red clay tile for Spanish and forget about the interrupted roof lines that may include a side entrance. Usually located under an extended roof line next to a front-facing garage, the entry is covered for protection from the elements.

Mediterranean style homes may include a front-facing garage with a row of bedrooms on the opposite side of the structure with an entryway between them. Once through the entry, the visitor is usually taken to a foyer before heading into a living/dining room combination. A fourth bedroom is typically placed in the rear of the home adjacent to a family room. Kitchens typically encompass a smaller dining area and even a breakfast area for quick family meals.

Of the four bedrooms in many house plans, they can be used for other uses such as dens or home offices and, due to being separated from most other living areas, can provide the needed solitude. Usually a master bath is adjacent to the master bedroom and a second bath is located off the hall of the other three rooms.

Many styles will be made with the appearance of adobe and fit into the landscape of a mountainous terrain or even a desert setting. Two, three or four bedroom one-floor house plans often have a great room centered in the building with bedrooms surrounding it on two sides with an additional kitchen and/or dining room occupying the other sides, convenient to the great room for entertaining.

Many Mediterranean style homes incorporate the great room into their house plans, seemingly to embrace family togetherness, especially in homes holding three or more bedrooms. While many European homes may not incorporate garages into house plans, Mediterranean homes usually have at least a two-car garage; some even hold an additional one-car garage, with a separate door and entry to allow for the possibility of family expansion.

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