Meeting the Needs of Buyers for Appropriate Use

There are numerous styles of what are referred to as ranch homes, with house plans ranging from under 1000 square feet to those encompassing two or even 3,000 square feet. The one thing that all have in common is that they are typically built using a simple one-story floor plan.

On average, a ranch house is about 1,000 square feet and usually has an attached garage on one end of the structure. Most also have a small porch on the front of the building although some house plans call for a porch that extends the entire length of the front. A few may even have a small porch on the back, depending on the landscaping and the view from the rear of the house.

Small, 100 or 200 square foot house plans are often used for sporting cottages, placed along a river or stream for fishing or in the mountains for hunting. These will usually not have a basement and many are constructed off the ground to help keep them dry and to keep construction costs to a minimum. These will usually have one bedroom and a screened in area they many refer to as a porch or a second room.

As house plans for ranch homes get larger, they will usually have a kitchen and dining room combination and a living room on one side of the house, usually the same side as the garage, along with a hallway leading to the bedroom area. With a three bedroom ranch, the master bedroom is usually on one side of the hall and the other two will be on the other side, with the bathroom off the hall on the same side as the master bedroom…

A master closet, if so equipped, is typically off the center portion of the hallway, backing part of the wall of one of the smaller bedrooms.

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