Latest Trends in Deck Design

As homeowners continue to enhance their outdoor living space with outdoor amenities like kitchens, fireplaces, furnished living rooms and spas, the deck is becoming a major design factor, particularly when building a new home.

Since most people spend most of their day at work, school or in their home, they want another place to go and unwind or have fun. That new place is their backyard and what better way to enjoy all the same great amenities you have indoors than to design an outdoor living space on a customized deck.

Here are some of the latest trends in decks that can help you create an exciting backyard retreat:

The biggest trend in decks right now is the increase in square footage. Homeowners that were once satisfied with a 20 x 10 foot deck for a grill and some patio furniture now want a deck design that rivals their homes square footage.

With all the latest products available for outdoor lighting, appliances, fireplaces and pits, homeowners are extending their outdoor living space well past the spring and summer.

Another big trend is creating and outdoor kitchen that has all the amenities of its indoor counterparts like a grill or cooktop surface, cabinets, countertops, refrigerators and sinks. Many of our house plans purchasers are asking for our designers to add an outdoor living space to their floor plans. See some of our latest home plans, which include an outdoor living space and read up on the latest deck designs and products in this week’s issue of Home Ideas.

The Lodge House Plan
The Lodge House Plan

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