House Plans Can Grow With Family Size

There are almost as many different styles of houses as there are people living in them and as people’s needs change so do their opinions on the house plans they choose. Their choices of home styles and house plans generally go through changes reflecting their lifestyles as their lives go through phases. 

In the beginning, a couple may choose something small, a two-bedroom ranch house, for example or a small Cape Cod. As their family grows and they see the need for more space, since Junior just took over mom’s craft room, they begin to look at expanding their existing house and if that is not possible, looking to buy or build a house with a larger floor plan. 

A two-story home with a three-car attached garage can be the next choice or a split-level or even a larger ranch. When choosing different house plans as your family grows, you should also think about the entertainment value of your home. Make sure there is enough room to allow your children to have friends over once in awhile and you will also want to think about family parties. 

If you, or someone in the family, have a hobby or a special interest, you should allow space for them. Extra space in the garage or basement can easily be added to the house plans for a workshop or gardening center if a person has an affinity for plants. You may want to keep these areas away from the rest of the living space to avoid distractions while working on the hobby. 

Working with an architect you can be sure any changes you want to make to your house plans can be accommodated without basic structural integrity being compromised. It is better to have this worked out before you start building and having an inspector stop work on your house. However, since everyone’s tastes are going to be different, changes in most house plans are easily accommodated.

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