Home With Year-Round Rustic Appeal

The first time a customer showed me the Candlewood, I was amazed at how beautiful this house plan was. I would never have thought such a simple looking home could be so dramatic. I might have even passed it by when looking at our house plans. I was pleasantly surprised to find this delightful home from our cottage house plan collection, which features a blend of rustic informality with a very dramatic interior. It has a lovely front porch, which becomes a wrap-around porch that surrounds the spectacular great room on all three sides. The wonderful porch allows a spectacular view of your lot from the great room. My customer is building this in St. Thomas overlooking Meghan’s Bay. I don’t know if you have ever been there but it is spectacular in itself. I think I’ll see if my next job at The House Designers can be to take pictures of the houses my customers build – starting with this one :)!

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