Editor’s Choice Media & Game Rooms

If you’re the type of person that likes to enjoy quality time with friends and family, you may want to incorporate a game room in your new home design. This room comes in handy during the holidays and big events like the Super Bowl or Grammy Awards. When designing a game room you’ll want to combine function, fun and style to create a living space the whole family can enjoy. This should be a fun family event, since you get to decide what games and décor you want included in your new space.

The first step in planning a game room is to pick a spacious spot in your home. A large den or loft will work nicely if your house plan doesn’t already specify a game, recreation or media room. You can create a home game room design using one of our designers favorite themes: sports, retro, traditional, bar or casino. You can also browse our editor’s choice media and game rooms.

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Enjoy time with family and friends in this newly designed game room.
Enjoy time with family and friends in this newly designed game room.

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