Dream Beach House Plan

Over the holiday´s I treated myself to buying my dream beach house plan. I figured if I had the house plan, I would take the time needed to find the perfect piece of land to build my dream retirement home in Rhode Island. I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and even though I moved away 25 years ago, I have always spent at least two weeks in the summer renting a beach house in Westerly, since Misquamicut has always been one of my favorite beaches in Rhode Island.

Last week I flew in from Maryland because my realtor had three great pieces of land to show me. It proved to be a great trip, since I found the perfect piece of waterfront land right at the end of Misquamicut State Beach. I can actually picture how beautiful my new house is going to look. I am going to build the Wind Song, a house plan I bought from this great company called The House Designers.

This house is as beautiful outside as it is inside. If I could have drawn my own plans I would have drawn just as many windows and patio entrances as this designer did to enjoy the ocean view and soak up the warm sun.

I especially like the fact that I will be able to easily entertain my friends and family and that I have the extra space for them to stay over. I love cooking and this kitchen has all the storage and workspace I could ever need. I highly recommend if you are looking to build a new home that you visit their collection of house plans, they are simply the best I´ve seen on the Internet and I´ve been looking for almost 10 years.

This dream home is beautiful inside and out.

2 thoughts on “Dream Beach House Plan

  1. carol

    Is this home still being built in Misquamicut? We are building this same house about a mile from there.

    • We would love for you to share some photographs of your new home being built – it is such a gorgeous home in such a gorgeous location.

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