Companies utilizing Cash for Appliances

With consumers expected to spend millions of dollars on new refrigerators and dishwashers as part of the “Cash for Appliances” state-federal rebate program, manufactures like Whirlpool have busily been building an online tool to make it easier for consumers to apply for rebates.

Whirlpool has launched a rebate finder tool for its Whirlpool, Maytag and KitchenAid brands, where consumers can enter the zip code and appliance type at the to learn the amount of applicable state rebates available. The rebate finder also scrolls the Web for utility rebate programs, where applicable.

The federal government is kicking in $300 million for states to disburse as part of the energy efficiency upgrade program, which came about after the Cash for Clunkers car rebate program. Also check out EcoRebates, a cool site designed to help consumers find rebates.

Even house plan websites like The House Designers are doing their part to share valuable coupons and rebates for home building products. The House Designers are the only house plan company to sell exclusive ENERGY STAR/Green House Plans.

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