Choosing the right flooring

What good timing! When I purchased my house plan last October from The House Designers, I signed up for their weekly e-newsletter called Home Ideas. Every week I get helpful tips about what products I should use when building my new home. This is the first home I’ve ever built and I am so excited, yet overwhelmed by all the decisions I need to make. My house was framed last week and I have been laboring on choosing what flooring I want for each room in my home. I couldn’t believe this week’s Home Ideas was all about choosing the right flooring. I spent my entire day on the Lumber Liquidator’s website ordering my hardwood flooring for EVERY room in my home. I was especially excited about having bamboo flooring in my great room; it’s going to look great with my stone fireplace.

Hardwood flooring enhance the look and feel of the open kitchen.
Hardwood flooring enhance the look and feel of the open kitchen.

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  1. Liquid Vitamin :

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