Benefits of Building A Green Home

Interest in building an energy-draining dream home that comes with high costs and wasteful space is fast becoming a thing of the past. Today’s homeowners are very savvy about energy-efficiency and economics. The economy has swiftly changed us from excessive pampering to practical living. Helping to make that road easier are architects and designers, builders and manufacturers, who support green building through their products and services. The House Designers offer an exclusive collection of green house plans, which are all endorsed by ENERGY STAR.

Building a green home means that you’ll use 40% less energy and water than comparable standard homes. If you’re worried that building a green home will look different than a standard home – think again. Your new, green home is likely to be smaller, but designed to look bigger with the right floor plan, window locations and interior design accents. Flexible spaces make it easier to do more with less space. For example a 15′ by 30′ family room could easily be designed to convert to a 24-person dining room during the holiday season.

Keep in mind it’s going to be a lot easier to maintain an energy-efficient home, because it’s smaller and much more durable than most standard homes because of its high-quality building materials and construction processes, requiring fewer repairs.

The best benefits of designing and building a green home are lower operating costs, a healthier interior environment, and increased level of comfort for daily living in your home. You’ll see these benefits directly relate to an increase in your home’s market value as well.

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