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Designing Beautiful Bathrooms to Last Forever

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in your home, but they are more complex to design and require careful attention to codes and artful planning. To make a bathroom highly functional as well as truly fantastic, you must understand that it will be frequented by multiple users throughout the day and [...]

What to Look for in 2016 Kitchen Design

By Rachel Lyons, Contributing Writer for The House Designers As we enjoy new streamlined gadgets and fashions, so do we move toward the same modern ideals in other parts of our lives. In a similar way, we are seeing a shift toward merging sleek design with enhanced functionality as the kitchen has [...]
FLW Eddie's House 60's

The Boy, the Dog, and the Architect

In 1956, a 12-year-old boy wrote a letter to a world-renowned architect asking for a special type of building he hadn’t yet designed in his professional career—a doghouse. Inspired by this story, The House Designers are searching for a rescue dog that we can have the pleasure of designing and [...]

Designing a Functional Kitchen Environment for Cooking and Cleaning

By Rachel Lyons, Contributing Writer for The House Designers It’s no secret—the kitchen is now the heart of the home, where friends and family gather to eat and mingle. As the use of this space has transitioned from purely functional to this sort of social environment, designers have had to try to [...]

Evolution of Doghouses

By Miles Hurley, The House Designers’ Contributing Writer Dogs have always been, and continue to be, one of our most loyal companions, providing help and comfort in so many ways. In many places, they are hunters, tracking through forests with the keenest senses. Other places, dogs are rescue and [...]

Decorating Your Home’s Exterior for Halloween

It’s that time of the year again—time for hot cider, pumpkin picking, and welcoming little ghosts and goblins to your doorstep for treats. Why not make your house the coolest on the block with some truly spectacular—or spooktacular—Halloween decorations? You can choose to present a haunting display [...]

Millennials: The Emerging Homeowners

Sometimes portrayed as lazy and entitled, the mollycoddled children of the Baby Boomers, Millennials have gotten a bad rap. What with the downturn of the economy as many were coming into their own, it is no wonder that Millennials were hesitant to make major life decisions on the same timeline as [...]

5 Eco-Friendly Home Construction Upgrades

Improving your property can be difficult when you’re trying to be environmentally conscious and you’re working on a budget, but being eco-friendly means saving money in the long run! Here are some great ways you can upgrade your home to be green without breaking the bank. 1 – Improve Your [...]

Why House Plans Are Getting Smaller

It’s no secret that small houses are the current trend. Perhaps you’ve seen the plethora of news articles about families downsizing into homes small enough to be built on flatbeds and hauled by pickup trucks, or maybe you’ve watched the construction of such houses yourself, as the phenomenon has [...]

5 Great Architectural Inspirations from Frank Lloyd Wright

A visionary who strived to create what he called organic architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright was a man who was very concerned with how structures interacted with humanity and the natural environment. With a career spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, Wright was influenced by several other [...]
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