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ISSUE #: 602 3-23-2023
Upgrade Your Cooking with a Great Wall Oven

There are all sorts of reasons to invest in a wall oven, whether you plan to install a cooktop or a range. Many people love being able to spread out and increase their cooking capacity. Others may be drawn to the special functions many models offer. Whether you're a host at heart or just like to bake or cook up a storm, here's how different wall ovens compare!

Tailored Cooking with Specialized Attachments

If you want a wall oven that has it all, check out the Smart Oven+ from KitchenAid®. Available in single, double, and combination configurations, you can use this unique appliance like any other, enjoy the convenience of smart connectivity, and/or kick your experience up a notch with powered attachments that allow you to bake, grill, and steam to perfection, right in the oven!
Fabulous Kitchen Collection | House Plan 6609

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, we have a collection of house plans with great layouts to consider! It includes open-concept designs for hosting as well as more contained kitchens for those who like to focus. House Plan 6609 has a large L-shaped kitchen with an island facing the dining area, so it provides a bit of an eat-in feel despite the lack of partitions between it and the living room. As you can see, it provides plenty of storage, and there's more in the walk-in pantry in the corner!

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