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ISSUE #: 587 10-27-2022
Extra Products to Improve Household Efficiency

There are so many reasons to prioritize having an efficient home. Whether you're primarily concerned with reducing your carbon footprint or you want to look forward to saving money on your utilities, the answer is the same—you need to utilize more efficient products! Here are a couple of efficient products you can add to your home whether you're building new or need to update your existing house!

A Tiny yet Mighty Hot Water Solution

Do you need more hot water than you have tank space for, or maybe you don't want to waste the energy to keep so many gallons hot all the time? If going fully tankless isn't the right choice for you, you can opt for a hybrid solution! Install a water heater booster on your electric or gas tank heater and it will effectively stretch the amount of hot water available, but only as needed when the temperature of the water leaving the tank dips below your set threshold.
Energy Efficient Collection | House Plan 9819

Want to build a more efficient home? You're not alone, and we have thousands of efficient plans to suit all kinds. House Plan 9819, for instance, is a lovely traditional farmhouse with 2,563 square feet across two stories. It has formally defined living spaces on the first floor and three bedrooms upstairs, but that's not all—there's also a two-room office space beside the foyer and in front of the garage, complete with exterior access. It's perfect for families and at-home workers before you even consider the efficient 2x6 framing and ENERGY STAR® approved option!

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