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ISSUE #: 492 2-27-2020
How to Design Your Kitchen for Better Utility

Having a kitchen that's easy to use makes a huge difference in how you experience your home. You'll enjoy cooking more, have an easier time hosting, and perhaps find yourself ordering out less. Of course, it's a great way to boost a home's value as well. Here are some ways to set your kitchen up for success!

Convenient Pot Fillers in a Variety of Styles

With a pot filler, you can halve the distance you have to carry heavy pots, easily add water to stocks as needed, and keep the sink free for other tasks longer! These nifty faucets are installed on the wall behind or on the counter next to the cooktop to keep the tap easily on hand where you need it. There are all sorts of stylish options no matter your aesthetic, so you're sure to find something that matches your design!
Fabulous Kitchen Collection | House Plan 7523

If an awesome kitchen is of utmost importance, start your home search in our Fabulous Kitchen Collection. We have gorgeous and functional setups in designs of all sizes and styles! Take for instance House Plan 7523—this stunning European home has a luxurious kitchen with tons of space, including four distinct countertops—two on walls and two islands. It also features two sinks, plenty of cabinetry, and room for commercial-style, oversized appliances. And don't forget the pot filler!

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