ISSUE #: 556 12-30-2021
Builder Picks: Top 10 Home Products of 2021

Everybody looks at building differently, and builders are no exception. They want to invest in quality products that help them build good reputations and impress their clients, now and in the long-term. If you want insight into the mind of a builder, here are some of the products that they like using most!

Exterior Finishing Touches with Durability to Last

Trim and millwork are important aspects of curb appeal, but they can be difficult for everyday homeowners to maintain over the years. That's why PVC products from Ply Gem® are the perfect solution! PVC is easy to work with and doesn't absorb moisture, so it won't rot, crack, or warp. It even holds paint better than wood, if you want your trim to pop with color! This material doesn't require any special care, so builders and homeowners alike appreciate what it has to offer.
Builder-Preferred Collection | House Plan 5696

Ever wonder what builders like to build? See our Builder-Preferred Collection to explore the house plans the professionals like best! Most look for designs that are relatively easy to build with simple shapes and that will attract potential buyers with in-demand features. House Plan 5696, for example, is a modest Southern ranch with a straightforward floor plan that both builders and families will love. It's just one of many homes included here!