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Protect Your Home
An important step in preventing burglary and increasing your home protection is making sure that your home is as secure as possible. Many homes are easy targets for burglaries without you even realizing it, especially new homes. Simple everyday measures can be taken to increase your home security without even purchasing a security system. The following is a home protection checklist that hits on important security issues:
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Be Sure To Secure Your Garage
The garage is a favorite target for thieves. Garages store lots of valuable items such as cars, bikes, boats, sporting goods and tools. On top of that, a thief knows that more than likely, a garage is not occupied during the night. Keeping the garage secure is extremely vital to home security because once inside your garage, the thief has easier access to the rest of your home.

Start with the garage door opener
Electronic garage door openers make it hard for garage doors to be forced open. Most electronic garage doors come from the factory with an electronic combination
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Home Control is the ability to operate various appliances, indoor and outdoor lighting, security systems and garage doors using a variety of remote controls. Visit Wayne-Dalton for more information.

Therma-Tru fire-rated doors are rugged enough to give you 90 minutes of fire protection, yet stylish enough to offer a rich and distinctive look to your home. View all their fire-rated and steel doors.

Enlist the help of neighbors and start a neighborhood night watch. A neighborhood watch is a support group in which all neighbors in your community help each other by watching each other's homes. Neighborhood night watches are especially great for communities where there is a high crime rate or many elderly people who live around the area.

Search for House Plans | See our New Plans | Blog

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