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Tips for the Final Walk-Through
There is one final crucial step before you can move into your new home that is the final walk-through to make sure that everything you asked for from your builder is completed and that everything is in working condition.
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Top 10 Time-Saving Moving Tips
1. Clean House! The first rule of moving is to get rid of unnecessary clutter before you go. That way, you won't have to find a place for those rarely-used items when you get to your new home. Host a garage sale or donate goods to a local charity.

2. Get Organized. Two months before your move, keep track of all your mail and make a list of people, subscriptions, and organizations that should be notified of your changing address. Don't forget about your bank, your insurance agent, your doctor, and your vet. Just before your move, contact the postal service for a change of address form.
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Innovative Building Products

Dressing your home in CedarBoards™ by CertainTeed® is like wrapping your family in a cozy green blanket, since it is made from 60% recycled content.

BoralPure™ SMOG-EATING Tile is a revolutionary sustainable concrete roofing that reduces the formation of smog to create a healthy environment.

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Green Living Tips
When it comes time to searching for a moving company look for one that has eco-friendly credentials.
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