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Shaping & Styling Your New Roof
Choosing the right shape and pitch for your new roof will greatly enhance your home's architectural style and add curb appeal and value to your new home. No matter what material you choose — slate, tile, wood, metal, asphalt or eco-friendly — your roof is a key design element in defining the personality of your home. For example, simple rooflines suggest quiet, modest dignity while an elaborate roof with cross-gables and turrets gives your exterior a majestic appeal.
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Benefits of Using Roof Trusses
The next time you admire the roof of a new home or browse through a collection of house plans with eye-catching, intricate roof designs you're probably looking at a roof designed and built using prefabricated roof trusses.

Roof trusses are pre-fabricated, triangulated wood structures, which are built in a factory and carefully designed to carry the load of your home's roof to the outside walls. Then they are shipped to your construction site and installed using a crane after the home's walls have been framed. Nearly 80% of new homes constructed today use pre-manufactured roof trusses instead of traditional rafters to support the roof!
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Editor’s Favorite Products

Sustainable & Durable

Stylish Composite Slate

EcoStar's® Designer Series environmentally friendly, premium steep-slope shingles are available in three unique shapes — beaver tail, beveled and chisel point — to give your home a unique architectural profile.

InSpire Roofing's® authentic slate surfaces and edges capture the genuine detail of slate, while utilizing advanced technology to enhance its performance so you can create a gorgeous and unique roof design.

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Green Living Tips
When choosing your new roof there are two key elements you should keep in mind — material and color. A high performance, ENERGY STAR® rated roofing material coupled with a well-insulated attic will help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
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