Conceptual Plans

Conceptual designs are brand new home plans that have not been finished but have floor plans and sketches of front elevations similar to the other plans on our website.  Our conceptual house plans are preliminary plans that include elevations, floor plans and details necessary to begin the final construction drawings.

This is a conceptual design that is available for a reasonable price to modify or complete as shown. The purchaser will receive an AutoCAD file of the floor plan and a 3D SketchUp model of the exterior.

With the purchase of a concept plan, you automatically receive permission to make modifications or redraw the plan. Please keep in mind that the copyright always remains with the original designer. We can also modify the plan for you or you may have it finished locally.

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  1. Abdul Flenard

    i ve been reading your site in recent days and its very useful for improving my home. thnks n keep writing!

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