The Best Master Bedroom Floor Plans

You can create year-round luxury and comfort in your own home by building one of the best master bedroom floor plans. These amazing designs provide spacious suites with fully loaded baths and tons of closet space. Each one comes with plenty of features you’ll enjoy for years to come! They say that a home says […]

Building a Home in an Established Neighborhood

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that aspiring homeowners everywhere consider building a home in an established neighborhood. But without good advice and the right considerations, it can prove challenging. Let us show you what you need to know before you pick your dream plan. When we say “established neighborhood,” a few different images […]

House Plans for Rental Income

Everyone loves having some extra money. Consider looking at our house plans for rental income to invest in property and get additional cash in your pocket each month! Once you have a rentable property, it’ll earn money without you hardly having to lift a finger. Let us show you how easy it is to make […]

How to Choose an Energy Efficient Home

Everybody is interested in saving money, and a home is the single biggest investment of most people’s lives. Years of saving and searching for the perfect plan will be worth it when you finally get to step into your dream home. What if we told you that you could get that dream home and save […]

Affordable Ranch House Plans

Ranch homes are time tested and customer approved. A staple for so many communities, these affordable ranch house plans have proven themselves as the perfect accessible homes for all sorts of families. A simple ranch home provides everything you need, and they are often easy on your budget! Here at The House Designers, we have […]

Customizable House Plans

Whether you want to add unique finishing touches or extra rooms to fit your needs, there is so much you can do with customizable house plans! But there is more to these homes than you might realize. Building a fully customized home is a huge project; having to pick every last detail can be time […]

Affordable Homes for Everyone

With plenty of styles and different features, there are affordable homes for everyone to choose from. Saving money doesn’t mean that you have to cut corners. In fact, it can mean quite the opposite! Let us show you why these plans are some of our and our customers’ favorite designs. There is something truly beautiful […]

Beautiful European Homes

From the rolling slopes of Italy to the quaint countryside of France, beautiful European homes have a special place in our hearts. Their unmatched beauty and formal functionality really make them stand out. No matter the size, these plans have unique character that can be hard to find in other styles. Home styles from across […]

The Best Homes for Lakefront Living

Perfect for relaxation and taking in natural views, it’s no wonder why so many people dream of building on a lake. Are you one of them? Check out some of the best homes for lakefront living to discover all that they offer! Whether you’re into outdoor recreation and water sports or you are looking for […]