First Floor Master Bedrooms

Awesome comfort and accessibility can be a reality when you choose from house plans that have first floor master bedrooms. And with tons of possibilities at your fingertips, you’ll find this option in all sorts of homes! Traditionally, the master suite is on the second or highest floor of the home, but customer preferences have […]

Small House Plans with Storage

Forget the stress of clutter and just imagine the money you’ll save when you choose from our small house plans with storage space. Whether you’re downsizing or building your first home, these plans come packed full of storage necessities! Many people think that choosing a small house means they’ll have to sacrifice, but this couldn’t […]

Convenient Workshop Plans

You can maximize your new home’s productivity when you shop our convenient workshop plans. No matter your hobby or favorite pastime, these wonderfully designed spaces are great for all types of activities. Your dream home should focus on your specific needs. Don’t overlook the potential for a workshop area and all it could offer. Whether […]

House Plans with a Mother-In-Law Suite

House plans with a mother-in-law suite have become popular, and for good reason! Think of the possibilities that an additional full suite offers both you and your extended family. Whether it’s for a weekend visit or a long-term stay, you’ll see that these house plans are exceptionally functional. Often referred to simply as an ‘in-law […]

What’s an Open Floor Plan?

A lot of discussion about homes centers around having the right floor plan, but what exactly is an open floor plan? Everybody seems to want one! Aspiring homeowners everywhere search for homes with open floor plans. Regardless of shape, size, or style, it seems we all love the feel of a flowing layout. When you […]

Simple Rectangular House Plans

From your wallet to your peace of mind, simple rectangular house plans have tons of benefits. Homeowners across the nation have increasingly opted for rectangular style plans for a variety of reasons. Many prospective buyers are drawn to them because of their unique ability to fit narrow or limited lots. Plus, they are quite accessible! […]