Best Price Guarantee or we'll give
you an extra 5% off your house plan or your modification estimates
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The House Designers guarantees that our prices are the lowest you’ll find anywhere online.  Buying your home plan direct from the designer ensures you are receiving the best price available on the web. And if you happen to find a better online price and meet the qualifications listed below, we’ll give you the difference AND an additional 5% discount off the house plan. We also guarantee the best modification pricing as well. Simply provide us with a copy of your estimate and that price will be matched as well and receive an additional 5% off!
To satisfy the Best Price Guarantee offer, you must:
  1. Purchase your house plan from The House
  2. The lower price must be for the exact same house plan purchased from THD
  3. The house plan package must be the exact same package you found elsewhere on the web (CAD package, reproducibles, etc.)
  4. Provide information/URL of lower price found

  1. Applies to total price of purchase—including shipping, taxes and other charges that may apply
  2. Applies to claims made within 7 days from purchase date
  3. Subject to change without prior notice
For modification estimates, simply provide us with a copy of your estimate and that price will be matched.