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Ceiling Fans Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans are an important part of creating the perfect home décor. During the last decade ceiling fans have become much more technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing. They provide cooling during the summer months and warming during the winter months, which saves you a lot of money on your yearly energy bills.
Choosing Your Stairs Choosing Your Stairs
Beyond performing their purely practical functions as vertical passageways, most staircases serve as powerful design elements, presenting strong vertical line, rhythm and pattern, and graceful forms. A stairway is an opportunity for you to be expressive.
Glass and Acrylic Block Glass and Acrylic Block
Glass and acrylic block is beautiful, strong, sound-deadening and allows natural light to enter while still giving privacy.
Interior Doors Interior Doors
Interior doors can be made of solid wood, hollow core wood, solid core wood, or fiberglass. They are normally constructed from lighter materials than exterior doors because they don't need to be weather resistant or provide security.
Wall Coverings Wall Coverings
They are the background of every room; they set the tone for your house; they are the first way that you begin creating your environment-they are your walls. With recent technological advances, fashioning a new mood has never been easier-or more fun. From paint to wallpaper to (yes) leather, today's wall coverings are only limited by your imagination.
Columns Columns
Whether you use columns as an aesthetic design element or give it a supporting role - your home will be greatly enhanced by fitting columns into your architectural plans.
Flooring Flooring
There are so many choices in the floor covering industry that choosing the right floor covering for your home may be a challenge. By looking at all the choices available and weighing the pros and cons of each product, you should be able to pick a covering that works best for each room in your home.
Home Lighting Home Lighting
Home lighting is probably the most important element in home interior decorating, because it is instrumental in setting the mood of any room. It can affect performance, mood, morale, safety and security. When deciding what lighting to use in your new home it’s important to consider how each room will be used, what fixtures are appropriate, energy efficiency and cost.

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