Affordable to Luxury:

See Your Options for Building a New Home

When you build a house, you can really make it your own! The blueprints you buy are only a template on which to make your mark. Here, you'll see how The House Designers builds affordable and luxury versions of a top-selling plan.

How you choose to finish your home has a huge impact on its final cost. It's not the wood for framing or the concrete for the foundation that make up the bulk of the bill—it's what you decide to build on that. Your fixtures, appliances, surfaces, and other final touches make the home your own and determine its value.

Here are some areas to consider that will affect the price tag:


Affordable Option

Luxury Option


Manufactured to look like stone, wood, and other premium products

Good for everyday use and doesn't require tedious cleaning

Can cut, scratch, and burn, but easy and inexpensive to replace


Beautiful and available in many colors and patterns

Stands up to most heavy use, but must be resealed occasionally to prevent staining

Environmentally costly and requires professional installation


Highly versatile and easy to maintain

Can mimic other types of siding

Some think it looks cheap


Creates a beautiful and warm appearance

Available in many styles

Requires maintenance every couple years


Great for long driveways and rural areas

Stands up to seasonal variations that damage other materials

Can shift and not ideal for snowy locations


Made of concrete, cobblestone, brick, etc.

Laid by hand and do wonders for curb appeal

Affected by changes in temperature

L'Attesa di Vita owes its popularity to a beautiful Craftsman design and desirable open floor plan that appeals to young families and empty nesters alike.

The kitchen of L'Attesa di Vita features gorgeous hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators and stainless steel appliances from Whirlpool®.

Vita di Lusso features the same desirable layout, but it has been finished with high-end products to demonstrate how a plan of reasonable size can become a deluxe version of itself.

Vita di Lusso also features a luxurious kitchen with Lumber Liquidators flooring, Whirlpool® appliances, and Eldorado Stone accents.

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