Top 3 Kitchen Trends for 2013 Best Charts For Forex Trading

luxury kitchen design
This picture, from the Chatham house plan shows the white painted cabinetry that is currently trending in the NKBA polls for 2013.

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  • Gray color schemes — the color gray has slowly been gaining popularity since 2010. Currently used in 55% of kitchens, gray color schemes are effective in creating chic and sophisticated looks for your bathroom.
  • Transitional Kitchen Styles — Transitional style blends the traditional and the contemporary into seamless designs. In the latest poll, the number of transitional kitchens is up 10% from the previous year, beating out the longstanding favorite of traditional style kitchens.
  • Quartz finishes were in decline last year but have become a clear trendsetter this year. Quartz was the second most popular counter-surface in the last couple of years. This year, quartz closed the gap, rising to 80% usage.  Granite, the most popular counter surface, held steady at 87% percent.

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