With the many variations of floor plans, regardless of the style of house you choose, there is going to be a way it can be adjusted to fit your needs. Many times once a family begins to grow they feel locked into a house and adjust people and their living arrangements to meet the demands of the house.

When looking at floor plans, envision potential needs for adjusting space and how a particular set of plans may be able to be changed to meet those needs. While no one really wants to be ripping out walls when a new baby is born, having certain adjacencies may be needed in case that need becomes a necessity.

First, you will need to look at load bearing walls, knowing you should not really touch them, but if two smaller rooms are separated by a non-load bearing partition, removing all, or part of one wall, can be an option to create a larger area when needed.

If your kitchen area seems adequate for beginning, once your family grows you may want to expand it to allow for all members of the family to fit around the same table. If there is a partition between the kitchen and dining room that can be removed later, you may be able to grow into the house, without having to grow the house.

You can also adjust floor plans to allow for potential expansion of the house. Many times when attempting to add a room to a home people find the foundation cannot support the expansion. By planning for future additions in your floor plans, if an additional room becomes necessary the house will be able to support one without too much aggravation.

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